Torchlight Tour of Fremantle Prison

By Rise
16 September 2020

On the evening of Friday 21st August 2020, on a chilly winter's night, Johnny, Stefano and Peter from Aubin Grove House, were supported to attend a ghostly night torchlight tour of the notorious Fremantle Prison with tour guide Justin. There they listened to stories of loneliness, pain, suffering, floggings and hangings. The group was enlightened to the darker side of many of the inmate's that had been imprisoned in solitary and airy cells at the prison, whilst awaiting punishment for the crimes they had committed.

Before starting the tour, Johnny and Stefano had a drink at the cafe, to ease their nerves.
Johnny, Stefano and Peter each received a small torch to help light the way, as they walked through dark, cold prison buildings from a past time in history, listening to stories, voices, and screams from within the prison walls.
In one building, Johnny, Stefano and Peter were standing under a security net, when from the floors above, a dummy came crashing into the net above their heads. A sight not for the faint hearted.
In another prison building, a cell door opened, and a former inmate stepped out to tell his gruesome story, before stepping back inside his cell and closing the door.

Further on in another building, a woman appeared at the top of a staircase, and began to share her story, as she slowly walked down the stairs towards Johnny, Stefano and Peter. As fast as she appeared, she disappeared back up the stairs and into the darkness.
Stefano communicated that he was very brave, and indeed he was brave, as were Johnny and Peter, as they moved out of the darkness of the tour, and into the light of reality, to share their stories over a well-deserved cup of coffee. 
An outing thoroughly enjoyed by all.

By Dean Thompson, Rise Support Worker


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