Washing machine makes life easier

By Rise
24 June 2019

Joanne finally got a washer and dryer installed in her Subiaco unit this year, and she describes it as a life-changer.

Washing machine makes a difference

Joanne is supported by Rise, with Outreach Support Worker Paul supporting her for the past six months.

Paul has supported Joanne to purchase a washing machine for her unit, so she no longer needs to use the communal washing machine.

The wash house has six machines and five dryers for 300 people.

Unfortunately at the unit block, there is a lot of crime and people use communal property for things they shouldn’t.

A washing machine and dryer installed in her bathroom has made a world of difference.

Now Joanne can run her machine any time of the day or night. She can do the washing in her pj’s if she likes, she can fold the washing on her bed and she doesn’t have her washing stolen anymore.

For me to get a machine is a life saver. It’s a simple thing in life to have clean clothes.

Paul took me to Kambos and Miele had a floor stock sale.

The machines are really quiet because they are designed for units, and they fit perfectly.

A long time coming

Joanne has been pushing for a washing machine for many years through the correct channels. She saved up to afford the plumbing changes, and placed the machines on interest free loans.

She’s telling us her story because she wants other people on low incomes to know that they can get help for purchases to make life easier.

I’m quite a private person but I thought it might help someone else.

I’d like for other people to see that things are achievable and to know they can get help.

There are always ways around things and I’d like people to know that there is hope.

Support for clients

For Joanne, Paul is someone she can’t help but rave about.

From being her advocate for housing issues, to taking her shopping and working on her health, she praises him no end!

Paul has made such a difference and it’s nice to promote the good work of others.

He’s helped me get a new hot water system too.

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