Rise cofacilitates workshop at this year’s Family and Domestic Violence Conference.

Working together to stop family violence

By Rise
20 September 2021
Shaun Mays, Director – Strategy and Growth was honoured to cofacilitate the preconference workshop for this year’s Family and Domestic Violence (FDV) Conference at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle.  Along with Curtin University Researcher, Darcee Shulze and Stopping Family Violence’s Operation’s Manager Mark O’Hare, Shaun co facilitated a day long workshop that explored the many ways FDV affects children and young people and how services and systems can better respond to address young people’s particular needs. 

Some great ideas were presented and discussed by the 60 participants who represented Government and not for profit agencies from across WA and a roadmap for improvement was developed for future work.  Shaun was invited based on the work that Stopping Family Violence and Rise are doing to develop a FDV prevention program for young men in the hope of preventing them from offending in the future.
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