Youth Minister Peter Tinley visits Kira House

By Rise
04 July 2019

Minister Tinley was shown around Kira House by three current residents.

Kira House is a six-bed unit where we support young women aged 14-18 years escaping family and domestic violence.

We give them a safe place to live, we teach life skills and we instil hope. Because these women are so young, and have years ahead of them to achieve their goals.

Youth manager Dawn McAleenan said it was wonderful to see the women share their goals and dreams with the Minister.

They told the minister about their personal experience which has lead them to be at the house.

One young woman told the minister how she didn’t see much of a future for herself before coming to the house but through the support of staff and the encouragement she has had, she now feels like she has a thousand different options and she is looking forward to achieving her dream of finishing school and going to university.

One of the young ladies in the house has dreams of becoming a politician herself.

She got a chance to ask the Minister about his portfolio, and peppered him with questions about the current youth strategy!

Family and Domestic Violence Support

Kira House is a beautiful, spacious home equipped with a modern kitchen, that is set up to support young women (aged 14 - 18) and their children, who are leaving family and domestic violence. Call 08 6274 3700 or email:


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