At Rise we recognise that Veterans are a very important part of our history and our community.  Rise is a registered provider of Veteran’s Home Care (VHC) which provides practical help for Australian Veteran’s at home so you can continue to live independently and autonomously for as long as possible.

Who can receive it?
You are eligible for an assessment if you have a: Carers and family members of Gold Card and White Card holders with an accepted service-related condition may be eligible for these services as well.
Rise provides a range of services to Australian Veteran’s including:

Domestic help
This includes:
  • internal house cleaning
  • shopping
  • bill paying
Personal care
This includes:
  • showering
  • toileting
  • meal preparation
  • medication support
Respite care
There are different types of respite care:
  • In-home respite – allows a carer to have a break while another carer comes into the home to take over the caring role.
  • Residential respite – provides short-term care, usually in an Australian Government-subsidised aged care facility.
  • Emergency short-term home relief (ESTHR) – provides short-term care in the home when the carer is suddenly unable to provide care.
A carer may also be able to access Veteran's Respite Care.

Safety-related home and garden maintenance 
This includes:
  • replacing light bulbs
  • cleaning gutters
  • cleaning windows 
  • cleaning ceiling fans
It may include mowing and pruning if safety-related. This includes if an environmental health or safety hazard exists.
This service does not provide major home repairs or ornamental and routine garden maintenance such as regular lawn mowing, weeding, pruning and maintaining of flower beds.

How much you can receive
Depending on your assessed clinical needs, you may be able to receive:
  • domestic help as required
  • up to one and a half hours per week of personal care
  • up to 196 hours of in-home respite care (can be used in combination with residential respite care)
  • 28 days of residential respite care (can be used in combination with in-home respite care)
  • up to 216 hours of emergency short-term home relief (ESTHR) in a financial year
  • up to 15 hours of Safety-Related Home and Garden Maintenance in a 12-month period
How you access
  1. Call a VHC Assessment Agency directly on 1300 550 450 to have an assessment for services. The assessment is usually done over the phone.
  2. The Assessor will talk to you about your situation at home and identify services you may need.
  3. The services you need will be detailed in a VHC care plan, which will be sent to you and your VHC service provider. The VHC care plan includes:
    • details of what is approved
    • the period of approval
    • the co-payment amount
    • your service provider
    • your assessment agency
  4. The Service Provider will call you to set a suitable time to provide the services.
  5. Once services are in place, you will be reassessed every 6 to 9 months by your VHC Assessment Agency.
Want to talk to Rise about receiving VHC services? Speak to Jemma or Monica about your specific requirements on 6274 3770 or to discuss your specific needs and to find out more. 

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