Your Rise Support Coordinator works with you separately from any other services you may receive from Rise. For example, if you live in a Rise property, your Support Coordinator will be a different person than your House Coordinator.  You can also have a Rise Support Coordinator even if you don’t receive any other services from Rise.  
Rise’s Support Coordination service aims to: 

  • Support you to meet your goals and live a great life 

  • Tell you about all the services that are available to you 

  • Connect you to service providers that best meet your needs and wishes 

  • Give you informed choice 

  • Help you understand NDIS funding and participate in NDIA processes that go along with receiving funding 

  • Manage your supports within the budget of your plan 

  • Help develop your skills to manage any issues that may arise with your services 

  • Assist you with your NDIS plan reviews including asking for more funding if your circumstances change.  

Why use a Support Coordinator? 

Support Coordinators know a lot about the NDIS and the range of available services as well as the providers in the sector.  Support Coordinators can help you make the most of your plan and ensure you feel confident that you will reach your goals.  They will also make sure you have enough information to make an informed decision about the services you employ and help you if you want to change them. 

Your NDIS plan may be able to fund your Support Coordinator and this is determined in your NDIS planning meeting. 

Find out more

For further information please contact Mandy on 0436 686 897 or at

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